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Research Interests:

My research interests are varied, spanning labour economics, applied econometrics, economics of immigration, economics of education, personnel economics, and more recently the role of behavioral and ideological biases in economics. My wide research interests and my movement across different research topics are mainly driven by my continuous curiosity to examine questions that I find interesting and important to answer. However, an identifiable theme in my work is studying the outcomes of disadvantaged groups (e.g. immigrants, visible minorities, women, disadvantaged children) in society, with an eye to policy interventions that could improve these outcomes. As a social scientist, I have always tried to adopt critical thinking when I examine a question, and to maintain organized skepticism in my research inquiries.

Refereed Publications:

    • “Moving Up or Falling Behind? Gender, Promotion, and Wages in Canada,” (with Andrew McGee, University of Alberta), forthcoming, Industrial Relations: a Journal of Economy and Society.[DOWNLOAD]
    • “Job Satisfaction and Coworker Pay in Canadian Firms,” (with Brian Krauth, SFU), forthcoming, Canadian Journal of Economics.[DOWNLOAD]
    • “Labour Market Mobility and Early-Career Outcomes of Young Immigrant Men,” (With Andrew McGee, University of Alberta), forthcoming, 2018IZA Journal of Development and Migration, 8(1):20.[DOWNLOAD]
    • “Noise or News? Learning About the Content of Test-Based School Achievement Measures,” 2015, The Berkeley Electronic Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 15(3): 14147-1453. [DOWNLOAD]
    • “Glass Ceilings or Glass Doors? The Role of Firms in Male-Female Wage Disparities,” 2015, Canadian Journal of Economics, 48(2): 529-560. [DOWNLOAD][My presentation at the 2013 CRDCN Conference]
    • “Fiscal Transfers to Immigrants in Canada,” (with Krishna Pendakur, Simon Fraser University), 2014, Journal of International Migration and Integration, 15(5):777-797. [DOWNLOAD]
    • “How do school ‘report cards’ affect school choice decisions?” (with Jane Friesen, Justin Smith and Simon Woodcock), 2012, Canadian Journal of Economics, 45(2):784-807. [DOWNLOAD]

Working Papers:

    • Who Said or What Said? Estimating Ideological Bias in Views Among Economists,” (with Ha-Joon Chang, Cambridge) under review.[DOWNLOAD]
    • “Visible Minorities and Job Mobility: Evidence from a Workplace Panel Survey,” Under Review at the Journal of Economic Inequality.[DOWNLOAD]
    • “Not for the Profit, But for the Training? Gender Differences in Training in the For-Profit and Non-Profit Sectors,” (with Benoit Dostie, HEC Montreal), Under Review at the British Journal of Industrial Relations.[DOWNLOAD] [My presentation at the 2018 QICSS Conference]

Work in Progress:

  • “Canadian Immigrants and Training Opportunities: Evidence from Canadian Linked Employer-Employee Data,” (with Benoit Dostie, HEC Montreal).
  • “The Effect of Job and Pay Satisfaction on Labour Turnover,” (with Kelly Bedard, UC Santa Barbara).
  • “The Effect of Test-Based Information on School Enrollment Growth,” (with Simon Woodcock and Jane Friesen, SFU).
  • “What Makes a Successful Movie? Evidence from International Movie Data Base,” (with Simon Woodcock, SFU).
  • “Bias in Views Among Economics Students – Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Experiment,” (with Ha-Joon Chang, Cambridge).
  • “Like Teacher, Like Student – How Bias Among Faculty Members in Economics Affects Students?” (with Ha-Joon Chang, Cambridge).
  • “Ideology Needs Company – Does Similarity Induce Conformity?” (with Ha-Joon Chang, Cambridge University).
  • “Unintended Consequences: The Effect of Immigration Crackdown on Public Safety”
  • “Why Women are Happier at Work?”

Other Works:

  • “Immigrants and the Canadian Economy,” (with David Jacks and Krishna Pendakur, SFU), Metropolis British Columbia Capstone Report, August 2012.
  • “The Effect of the Career Transition Assistance (CTA) Initiative on the Timing of Training Participation and the Duration of Training,” (with Simon Woodcock, SFU), Prepared for Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), January 2013.
  • “The Effect of Chinese FDI in BC and other Jurisdictions,” Prepared for the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and BC Ministry of International Trade, February 2014.
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